7M Probiotic Concentrate: 5 lekkere mixtips

7M Probiotic Concentration: 5 tasty mixing tips

7M Probiotic Concentrate is a genuine natural product with no added flavourings. If you have to get used to the taste, mix 7M with a drink of your flavour. We have 5 delicious tips. It makes no difference for the healthy effects of 7M!

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How does 7M taste?

7M Probiotic Concentrate is a truly natural product with no added flavorings. You can immediately experience the power and energy upon tasting it. The fermentation process produces organic acids that give it a refreshing sour taste. The inclusion of herbs, such as thyme, mint, and fenugreek, among others, adds a surprising twist to 7M with their recognizable flavors. If you maintain a healthy diet, you will typically appreciate the taste right away. However, if you need some time to adjust to the taste, you can mix 7M with a flavored drink of your choice. We already have 5 delicious tips for you. Rest assured that the beneficial effects of 7M remain unaffected regardless of the taste!



How much should I take?

It is recommended to gradually increase the dosage to allow your gut to adjust. The convenient measuring cap allows for easy measurement of your desired dose. During the first week, start with a mild dose of 5 ml per day. This dose already contains a rich amount of probiotics and herbs. You may notice increased activity in your intestines, which is a positive sign. In the second week, you can increase the dosage to 10 ml per day, which is the dosage preferred by our 7M team. If you are using 7M for a detox or desire a temporary high-impact dosage, you can take 1 x 10 ml on an empty stomach and 1 x 10 ml just before lunch, for example, for one week. On average, 10 ml is the recommended dose for optimal resilience and energy that we advise everyone to take. 



When is the best time to take 7M?

After waking up: A good time to take 7M is on an empty stomach. With low stomach acid, all the beneficial bacteria reach their destination: your 7 Meter gut. Our personal preference is to take it immediately after waking up. Just as daylight in your eyes ensures a good hormonal start to the day, 7M helps you have a good physical start to the day.


Before your lunch: Just before lunch is also a good time. Boost your digestion with a glass of 7M. The herbs in 7M have been chosen for their beneficial contribution to your stomach and intestines.


Avoid taking it too late in the day: 7M activates your intestines, so we do not recommend taking it too late in the day. It fits well with your evening meal but avoid taking it after that. After your last meal has been digested, your body needs rest to focus on recovery during the night. Eating late disrupts this process and affects your sleep.



5 tasty mixing tips for 7M

  1. Pure nature: as a shot or in your fresh glass of water

If you love natural foods, you can take 7M pure. You can take it as a shot of 5-10 ml immediately when you wake up or just before your lunch. If you find it too strong, mix 7M with a glass of fresh cold water. The more water you add, the milder the taste. If you have a sensitive stomach, be cautious with very cold water and use water at room temperature.



  1. 7M loves tomato 

Due to the spicy character of 7M, it goes very well with organic tomato juice or tomato vegetable juice. Tomato juice is also rich in beneficial substances such as lycopene, vitamin C, and potassium. Add 5-10 ml of 7M to a glass of tomato juice. Season it to your taste with salt and pepper. It's a good option for the second half of the afternoon if you have a savory appetite but it's still too early for your evening meal.



  1. Green power

Are you already into the celery juice trend? Celery juice is alkalizing, enzyme-rich, antiseptic, and a source of electrolytes. Mix your daily celery juice with 5-10 ml of 7M for even more power for your liver. Did you know that 7M also contains the liver herb artichoke? Or do you regularly consume greens? 7M is a perfect addition to them. Enhance the power of nature with all the nutrients from green powders combined with an unparalleled boost of beneficial bacteria and 10 powerful herbs.



  1. Boost your smoothie

Whatever your preferred smoothie is, 7M will fit right in. Do you prefer a green smoothie with different vegetables? Or a fruity smoothie with your favorite fruits? A small dose of 7M does little to change the taste, but enriches the nutritional value of your smoothie enormously. We have already prepared a basic recipe for a healthy breakfast smoothie for you.



  1. Mix-it yourself

Finally, you can of course make your own favorite mixed drink. For example, mix 7M in water and add lemon juice, fresh ginger and some honey. Or make your own healthy iced tea and add 7M. Or how about a mix with a ginger shot drink? You make it as sharp or mild as you wish. 


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7m is power for your gut

Depending on the dose, you can make between 7.5 and 15 liters of fermentation drink from one bottle of 7M. That is enough for 1 daily glass full of living nature for one to two months. Power for your gut every day!

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  • 100% certified organic

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans